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Technical product design behind some of the world's great companies.

Our expertise is available for contract support in the following application areas:

  1. Functional Safety, with special expertise in subsea and mobile safety systems. An example safety case is published on this web site for a family of electronically controlled rebreathers and monitors developed by Deep Life, that is the first dive equipment of any sort, that meets a recognised functional safety standard.
  2. Gas sensing, particularly for breathing gas: PPO2, CO2, LELs, VOCs, CO, H2S, He, Dust and Particular, Respiratory Monitoring.
  3. Ultra Fast ASICs, where the cost of phase masks and deep submicron processes demand Right First Time even for the largest full custom or analogue devices. Full custom ultra fast ASICs using standard processes (TSMC, SMIC, IBM) are our areas of our special expertise: we develop large full custom RF and mixed analogue/digital System-On-a-Chip ASICs.

To find out more about our technology and innovations in each of these areas, use the menu tabs on the left. We can customise these technologies for your application, for your products.

Technical product design and production support in these areas is our core business, to help your business. You can tap these resources to resolve problems with internal developments, or to execute complete product designs when your own resources are stretched.

Our core assets give us the ability to execute extremely difficult designs quickly, handling the full spectrum of design in-house.

We apply a Project Phase Management model with excellent documentation and controls both during the execution of each phase and between phases. This provides you with all the tools you need to manage the project, to manage change and to deliver products quickly and to keen budgets.

We can accelerate projects, or execute turnkey projects, to support your own teams in an open manner, with project access and visibility at least as good as your own in-house developments. Our flexible business model means that we can fit within tight budgets.

As a general rule of thumb, we expect to execute projects in around a third the time of a typical technology startup, and in around half the the time of the same project in a large multi-national technology company, without sacrificing in any way either documentation standards or procedures. We are happy to discuss with you how we achieve these savings. Our job and total focus is to bring your ideas to production faster, more securely and with less risk than alternative design paths.

Call us today to bring the savings and efficiency that flow from Deep Life's product lifecycle management processes, to your business.