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Contacting the Deep Life Design Group
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    Technical Support:
The first time you email us, our SPAM filters may ask you to verify your address. SPAM wastes more than half the communications in the world, so please take the time just to hit reply to the email from the SPAM filter. If we all used the TMDA SPAM filter, there would be no SPAM.

To speak to someone:
    UK Tel: (+44) 0141 883 4875
    Swiss Tel: (+41) 022 588 33 00
    Fax: Scan and Email preferred.
    VoIP: IAX on
    Skype: UID "DeepLifeLtd", Name: Deep Life Ltd (IBC)
We use an automated telephone receptionist to route your call to the nearest Deep Life business. If you have difficulty getting through, please try Skype or our centralised Email support.

Member Companies:
International: Deep Life Ltd (IBC), Bayside Executive Park, Building No. 3, West Bay Street & Blake Road, Nassau, Bahamas
RU franchise: Deep Life Design Group (OOO), Skyline Business Center, Ul. Vozrozhdeniya 20A, St Petersburg, Russia.
UK franchise: Open Safety Equipment Ltd, EMA Building, 30-32 Earl Haig Road, Hillington Industrial Estate, Glasgow. Scotland. G52 4JU.
CH franchise: Deep Life Compliance, Biel, Switzerland
Also affiliates in Turkey and other countries.

Web Addresses
Design Engineering: and other national suffixes
Intellectual Property:

Shipping Advice: Join us in reducing damage to the environment by avoiding couriers. You may be surprised in how much energy and money you save.
Remember: our children will not thank us for burning off all the carbon the earth has managed to lock away in its history.

If you must waste energy by using a courier: It is essential to put a direct telephone contact number on the package. We prefer lower carbon foot print couriers such EMS. We do not accept international shipment by UPS or DHL for logistics reasons.

All international shipments by courier must be accompanied by Customs Clearance documentation approved by the Deep Life associate company in the country the shipment is made to, prior to shipment.