SIL4SIL3 Certified
iso9001 certified
iso14001 certified

Deep Life Design Group
Deep Life is an association of companies providing an international contract design house: we design products for our customers to manufacture and sell in volume in their respective markets. We specialise in two ares:

  • The design of complete products: mechanics, electronics, ASICs and software,
  • The specification and design of high integrity systems, such as life support.

We have teams for formal modelling, ASIC, electronics, firmware, software, verification and documentation: these allows us to provide turnkey product development for our customers, as well as to provide focused resource to fill gaps.

Deep Life is an association of private companies, formed by a management spin out from a well established design centre: we have been working under one management since 1989, generating a series of trade sales, an IPO and MBOs of divisions along the way.

The management and staff of Deep Life are highly experienced in running design projects: we specialise in this area. We are backed up by a network of competent contract manufacturers with whom we work, that enables an OEM to take the designs from Deep Life into volume production quickly. We have an excellent record of taking products we have designed, whether simple or some of the most complex ever designed, smoothly into production. Some of the products we designed are produced by the hundred, others by the tens of million. We license our intellectual property on a fair and reasonable basis, except for software or firmware embodying our technology that we license on a per copy basis.

Our design resources are in Russia, Scotland and Portugal. These enable us to be more competitive than in-house design teams not just because of our low cost base, but because of our excellent productivity and the high level of skill we can bring to bear on your product design. We deliver value for money by adding value to your business. Our clients are in Europe, Japan, Australia, the USA and Canada, and we work with manufacturers world-wide.

Let us help you become a stronger company, with protected intellectual property providing the benefits your users want in the field of dependable systems. We are flexible in business and can offer pure NRE as well as mixed NRE+Royalty models.

The Deep Life Design Group companies are ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design of hardware and related software, and the protection of intellectual property. We operate an Environmental Management System which covers all our processes and is ISO 14001:2015 certified. Our safety design processes have been certified to comply with EN 61508 to SIL 3 (a very onerous level) for life support applications in the dive industry. For applications in other industries Deep Life use the same safety process and offer an EN 61508 production certification route via SIRA Certification, or if more rigour is required then extension of the process certification to that industry sector.

For further information on any Deep Life Design Group, our capabilities or our technologies, contact: for technical queries or for sales.