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Marketing vs Engineering White Paper

For release: 6th February 2015

Deep Life have released the White Paper that discloses the tradeoff between marketing and engineering budgets in sectors of the sports rebreather industry, highlighting the real cost of this tradeoff.

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IP Blocks for RF and Ultra-Fast ASICs in deep sub-micron CMOS, now free of charge

For release: 21st Mar 2011
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Deep Life have extensive IP blocks for RF and ultra-fast ASIC in deep sub-micron CMOS. Previously, substantial royalties were charged for access to these, but from March 2011 the IP blocks are available to both existing and new clients on a free of charge basis: the only costs that arise from their use are the NRE fees for porting the IP to different processes, power rails or interfaces. The IP is fully disclosed on each project it is used, so clients may verify, modify and extend the IP.

These IP blocks, within Deep Life's design flow, are part of the picture of how Deep Life's engineers have been able to deliver advanced deep submicron ASICs in around a third of the time taken by technology start-ups, and around half the time of in-house teams within large technology companies.

Deep Life's Lead Technologist, Dr. Alex Deas, commented that "This change in IP Block access, is part of its plan to grow from being a leading design house in the UK, to a global centre for the design of RF and fast comms devices. That growth can only be achieved by delivering even better value for money, within the open project access infrastructure that Deep Life has pioneered. This change complements Deep Life's HR policy over the past 5 years focusing design in teams with truly world-class talent."

The IP blocks are released, not as open source, but as fully managed IP supporting Deep Life's clients. Their access without additional charges, enables Deep Life's clients to cut budgets for NRE turnkey projects, and minimise royalties in mixed NRE+Royalty design contracts. The blocks include a wide range of RF and fast-comms functions in CMOS such as pipelined ADCs for digital radio, Fractional-N PLLs, decimators, filters, phase detectors, oscillators, digital eye detection and tracking, band gap references etc, and a variety of digital functions commonly required in these applications. Deep Life's formal model library is also included in the no-charge for IP offer.

The offer is valid for all existing clients, and for new ASIC clients starting projected prior to 31st May 2011.

Four Deep Life Designed Rebreathers are CE Certified, 2 more on their way
For release: 21st Jan 2011
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After a total of 13 audits by SGS United Kingdom Ltd, in what is believed to have been the most stringent rebreather CE certification process ever applied, all of Deep Life's rebreathers have been CE certified for air and heliox use under the PPE Directive, meeting fully EN 14143:2003 (Corrected): the 2003 standard has two errors so these are corrected as per the CEN directions, namely the Table 1 marked Suprasternal Notch figures are actually Lung Centroid figures, and the safety requirement for the mouthpiece to be within the diver's reach is met rather than the wording in the 2003 standard for a maximum hose stretch requirement.

Whilst there were no design changes to the Deep Life rebreathers and no material change in any test results during the many repeat tests involved in the EN 14143:2003 audits, it is vital that life support equipment is tested and verified against standards. Deep Life has pioneered the full publication of the test results, applying the Functional Safety principle that a certificate without the tests and results is worthless. The degree of disclosure in Deep Life's verification reports is exceptional.

When SGS were audited on their rebreather certifications by UKAS in 2009 and 2010, SGS presented their audits and management of Deep Life's audits and certifications as the benchmark showcase.

Work is continuing to provide the same degree of rigour in the extension of the certification of the eCCR models from 100m to 350m depth, which we expect to be able announce shortly, along with two new rebreather designs.

Press Release: Functional Safety and Ambient Pressure Diving

For release: 30th November 2010
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The application of Functional Safety to rebreathers though the EN 61508 standard is causing huge waves in the diving industry. Deep Life today release a response to the APD challenges in this area, to provide divers with balanced information..

To download the 5 page Press Release, Click here

Deep Life Ltd becomes the only company in the diving industry to achieve Functional Safety certification

For release: 5th March 2010
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The process that Deep Life use for all high integrity applications has been certified to EN 61508 SlL 3, the "Gold Standard" in Functional Safety for applications in the diving industry. Deeo Life is the only company in the dive industry to have achieved full lifecycle certification, and its systems are the first to comply to a recognised Functional Safety standard. SIL 3 is a very onerous level, beyond that achieved even by current commercial aircraft.

SIRA Certification certified Deep Life's Functional Safety Capability to EN 61508 at SIL 3 using the latest CASS guidelines, after extensive audit of the consistent application of Deep Life's processes to rebreathers, life support monitors, saturation diving equipment and deep subsea communications. The audit covered all relevant product lifecycle phases from concept to decommissioning.

SIRA's process certification applies to applications managed by Deep Life in the diving industry, against which Deep Life can now issue product certificates of conformity. For other sectors, Deep Life use the same process but offer a certification route via SIRA for each product. Deep Life are subject to regular survelliance audits by SIRA.

This is a major step forward: very few companies worldwide have achieved certification to this level for the full lifecycle process for new products. The applications considered during the SIRA audit are among the most complex to achieve Functional Safety compliance at this level. Deep Life processes apply a SIL 4 rigour to achieve SIL 3 systems, and is expanding its business into applications requiring certification at SIL 4.

This capability is there to serve our clients, providing a fully traceable path for safety critical or mission critical equipment.